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WPS No Title Name of Author(s) Date
EWBCLB-WPS-1803 Hostile takeovers Cast Doubts on the Defects of Chinese Corporate Governance Rules

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ZHU Ciyun & Lanny LI Wen May 2018
EWBCLB-WPS-1802 Related Party Transactions in Commonwealth Asia: Complexity Revealed

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Dan W. PUCHNIAK & Umakanth VAROTTIL April 2018
EWBCLB-WPS-1801 A Relationship of Reciprocal Influence: Singapore Company Law and the Economy

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Umakanth VAROTTIL January 2018
CLB-WPS-1702 The Scheme of Arrangement as a Debt Restructuring Tool in India: Problems and Prospects

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Umakanth VAROTTIL March 2017
EWBCLB-WPS-1701 Varieties of Independent Directors in Asia: A Taxonomy

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Dan W. PUCHNIAK & KON Sik Kim August 2017
CLB-WPS-1605 Competition In The Healthcare Sector In Singapore - An Explorative Case Study

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Andrea GIDEON October 2016
CLB-WPS-1604 The Enigma of Hostile Takeovers in Japan: Bidder Beware

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Dan W. PUCHNIAK & Masafumi NAKAHIGASHI August 2016
CLB-WPS-1603 The Stakeholder Approach Towards Directors' Duties Under Indian Company Law: A Comparative Analysis

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Mihir NANIWADEKAR & Umakanth VAROTTIL August 2016
CLB-WPS-1602 Regulating The Inferential Process in Alleged Art 101 TFEU Infringements - A Step Too Far?

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KHOO Chian Yian Kenneth July 2016
CLB-WPS-1601 Due Diligence in Share Acquisitions: Navigating The Insider Trading Regime

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Umakanth VAROTTIL April 2016
CLB-WPS-1505 The Nature Of The Market For Corporate Control In India

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Umakanth VAROTTIL December 2015
CLB-WPS-1504 Re-Engineering a Venture Capital Market: The Case of China

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LIN Lin July 2015
CLB-WPS-1503 Independent Directors in Singapore: Puzzling Compliance Requiring Explanation

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Dan W. PUCHNIAK & LAN Luh Luh February 2017
CLB-WPS-1502 State-Owned Enterprises in Singapore, Historical Insights into a Potential Model For Reform

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Dan W. PUCHNIAK, TAN Cheng Han & Umakanth VAROTTIL March 2015
CLB-WPS-1501 The Evolution of Corporate Law In Post-colonial India: From Transplant to Autochthony

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Umakanth VAROTTIL January 2015
CLB-WPS-1406 Regulating Squeeze Outs in India: A Comparative Perspective

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Umakanth VAROTTIL July 2014
CLB-WPS-1405 The Doing Business Indicators In Minority Investor Protection: The Case Of Singapore

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LIN Lin June 2014
CLB-WPS-1404 The Misuse and Abuse of the Corporate Form

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TJIO Hans May 2014
CLB-WPS-1403 Multiple Faces of Shareholder Power in Asia: Multiple Faces of Shareholder Power in Asia: Complexity Revealed

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Dan W. PUCHNIAK May 2014
CLB-WPS-1402 On the Public-Law Character of Competition Law: A Lesson from Asian Capitalism

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Michael DOWDLE April 2014
CLB-WPS-1401 The Protection of Minority Investors and the Compensation of Their Losses: A Case Study of India

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Umakanth VAROTTIL February 2014