Centre for Banking & Finance Law


Report No Title Name of Author(s) Date
CBFL-Rep-MD2 Report on SGX Roundtable Discussion

Michelle DY December 2016
CBFL-Rep-JG2 Bankruptcy Reforms in Singapore: What Can We Learn?

Jodi GARDNER September 2016
CBFL-Rep-MD1 The Challenges to Cross-Border Financial Regulation in the Post-Financial Crisis Era

Michelle DY August 2016
CBFL-Rep-JG1 Regulating Moneylending in Singapore: Looking at All Sides

Jodi GARDNER July 2015
CBFL-Rep-AL1 Response to the Consultation Paper on Proposed Amendments to the SFA (Part XII and section 324) (P013-2015 dated August 2015)

Alexander LOKE October 2015
CBFL-Rep-HY1 Bank Secrecy Symposium

HU Ying March 2015
CBFL-Rep-AJFH1 Muslim Law Practice Committee Seminar: "Introduction to Islamic Finance"

Arif A. JAMAL &
Ferzana HAQ
March 2015
CBFL-Rep-ALJSKJX1 Consultation Paper on Proposals to Enhance Regulatory Safeguards for Investor in the Capital Markets (Consultation Paper P012-2014/ July 2014)

Alexander LOKE,
Jeffrey LAI,
KO Jian Xiang
March 2015
CBFL-Rep-CW1 Internationalization of the RMB: Implications & Challenges

CHEN Weitseng (ed) March 2014
CBFL-Rep-NFDN1 Dispute Resolution and Insolvency in Islamic Finance: Problems and Solutions
Nicholas FOSTER & Dora NEO (eds) March 2014


Report No Title Name of Author(s) Date
CBFL-Oth-LKLEL1 Adoption of Singapore Law as the Governing Law for OTC Derivative Transactions

Loh Kai Loon & Evan Lam 30 June 2017
CBFL-Oth-SC1 Hidden Wealth - the Right Sort - and International Financial Centres

Sharon CRAGGS 2 November 2015