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The Centre for Banking & Finance Law (CBFL) at the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore, seeks to generate scholarship and promote thinking about the vibrancy, robustness and soundness of the banking sector, capital markets and other financial services. Through the research our scholars undertake and the events we organise, we seek to create and share knowledge, to engage stakeholders in an exchange of ideas, and to enhance the appreciation of legal and regulatory issues. We aim to bring greater theoretical and analytical clarity to these issues, to examine their policy impact, and to be a catalyst for ideas on how to improve banking and financial systems at the national, regional and global levels.

Upcoming Events
The Project Finance Academy
4-6 July 2018
Secured Transactions Law in Asia (By invitation only)
26-27 July 2018 Jointly organised with:
EW Barker Centre for Law & Business, NUS Law
Commercial Law Centre, Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford

Announcements & News
Hans Tjio's working paper on 'Restructuring the Bond Market in Singapore' was recently listed on SSRN's Top Ten download list for: LSN:Bankruptcy, 28 April 2018. See his paper here.
For more working papers, click here

Business Law Workshops: "Public versus private interests in a bank's duty of confidentiality" 31 Jan 2018, Oxford Law Faculty by Associate Professor Dora Neo

Poh Chu Chai publishes new book, Guarantees and Performance Bonds, Dec 2017

Hans Tjio publishes new book, Principles and Practice of Securities Regulations in Singapore, Dec 2017

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