Undergraduate Programmes

The Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (LL.B.) undergraduate degree is a professional degree recognised for admission to practice in Singapore. Our graduates have also been admitted to practice in Malaysia, in several Commonwealth jurisdictions such as Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom, and some states in the U.S. such as California and New York. 

The majority of the LL.B. students apply to the Faculty of Law after completing their pre-university studies. Most of these students enrol in the four-year LL.B. programme while others may enrol in our double degree programmes or our concurrent degree programme. Others may also apply to read the three-year Graduate LL.B. (GLB) programme after completing a degree in another discipline.

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Undergraduate Degree Programmes
4-Year LL.B. Programme
3-Year Graduate LL.B. Programme

Double Degree Programmes
Business Administration and Law
Economics & Law
Law and Life Sciences
Law and Yale-NUS B.A. (Hons)

Concurrent Degree Programme
Law and Public Policy

Special Programmes
Law and University Scholars Programme
Law and U-Town College Programme

International Exchange Plus/Fast track LL.M. degree opportunities (open only to students after admission)
Students on the four-year LL.B. programme have an opportunity to head to one of these partner universities listed below to read an LL.M. for one year to graduate with an LL.B. (Hons) from NUS and an LL.M. from the partner university. Those on the three-year GLB programme may also seek admission to the Exchange Plus programme with New York University (NYU) to receive both degrees.

New York University
Boston University
Erasmus University
King’s College London
University of Melbourne
University of Toronto