Coursework Diploma

Graduate Diploma in Maritime Law & Arbitration

The Graduate Diploma in Maritime Law and Arbitration (GDMLA) is a programme offered since the 2007-08 academic year. Designed for students who do not possess a first degree in law, the Diploma provides specialized training in maritime law and arbitration to professionals such as master mariners, chief engineers and graduates from other disciplines working in the maritime sector.   Quick Links


Like its sister programme, the LLM (Maritime Law), the Graduate Diploma allows individuals from Singapore-based companies who are able to furnish evidence of full sponsorship or a letter of support from their companies or the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) to pursue the course on a part-time basis over two years. Overseas students will generally complete the Graduate Diploma in one year. Candidates must be a qualified Master Mariner or chief engineer or have a tertiary degree in another discipline. Candidates must also meet the same standards of English proficiency as students in the LLM programme. As a general rule, candidates should also have a minimum of 2 years' working experience in the maritime field.

To complete the course, students will be required to take 32-36 credits (generally, 8 modules) of coursework modules. The programme is specially designed such that students who complete the requirements for the Graduate Certificate in International Arbitration programme will be granted 12 credits toward the total credits required for the Graduate Diploma. Please refer HERE for details on the GDMLA programme. Classes may be conducted on weekdays during office hours.

Through the integration of the Graduate Certificate in International Arbitration into the Diploma in Maritime Law and Arbitration, students will obtain the benefit of training in commercial arbitration, as well as the advantage of two qualifications. This added incentive is also designed to reflect the emergence of arbitration as an important means of dispute settlement in the shipping world. At the same time, students who are already enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in International Arbitration programme may find it worth their while to take 20 more credits in order to obtain the Graduate Diploma. This will facilitate the entry of more professionals into the maritime industry, in line with Singapore's maritime hub status.

The course fee of the Graduate Diploma in Maritime Law & Arbitration will incorporate the fees for the Graduate Certificate in International Arbitration. If students start off and enrol first in the Graduate Certificate before embarking on the Graduate Diploma, separate programme fees are payable.